Over the years, the attorneys at J.E. Baver Law Group have acquired significant and varied legal experiences.  Our attorneys have represented numerous  clients in appellate matters, trial work, and administrative hearings.  Our experience includes: successfully representing small medical practices by enforcing non-compete clauses in employment agreements, defending homeowners in foreclosure litigation, filing administrative appeals for long term disability insurance claimants, and personal injury matters ranging from medical malpractice to auto accidents.


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We are also at the forefront of defense litigation in the area of foreclosure law.  Until recently, foreclosure law has been dominated by big bank plaintiffs who steamroll individual homeowners into submitting to their demands or losing their home.  While governmental programs have been created to help, many homeowners find that the process is flawed as the big banks are ultimately in control over implementing these relief programs. If you are looking to save your home, it is essential to have a skilled and experienced attorney who knows this area of law to represent your interests.


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