Practice Areas

We represent private parties who are suing or being sued for money damages. We use our skills and experience to help resolve disputes before lawsuits are filed, handle meditations and arbitrations, and/or try cases before juries and judges in courts across the state.

Appellate Practice

Appellate practice involves providing legal representation in connection with appeals, usually, taken after a trial court enters its final judgment. If a party is unsatisfied with the judgment, or a part of the judgment, they are allowed to file an appeal within a certain time.
Appellate practice is complicated and requires attorneys to master a skill set that differs from that of traditional litigators. Connecticut’s appellate court has its own set of rules, and if not followed, a violation may result in the dismissal of the appeal. Clients can gain a significant advantage, therefore, by hiring attorneys who are well versed in the rules of appellate procedure.
The J.E. Baver Law Group is experienced in appellate practice and can provide effective representation for your appeals. If you are interested in pursuing an appeal in Connecticut, please contact us immediately. Depending upon your issue, once a decision has entered, you may only have days to preserve your right to appeal.

Contract Review

A contract represents an agreement between two parties. We can be in your corner to help you understand your contract, make suggestions in your best interest, and give you the confidence you need in making important decisions. If you believe that someone violated the terms of a contract, we can review the contract and assess the situation to advise you on what legal recourse is available to you.

Employment Law

Have you experienced a hostile work environment, discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace? Please contact us to discuss your employment law concerns.

Consumer Protection

As unscrupulous businesses seek quick and easy profits they will often commit various consumer rights violations. Unfair business practices often hurt people when they are at their most vulnerable, often taking advantage of the elderly, the poor, and those in financial peril. Many times the average person feels helpless. They believe that they were wronged by an unfair business practice, but they do not think that a smaller incident is worthy of involving attorneys, judges, and the legal process. An individual consumer may have only been charged a small amount in inappropriate fees; but, in a large business, these inappropriate fees are charged to thousands of other consumers and quickly add up.

Luckily, our law makers have designed laws to help protect consumers from falling victim to these practices.  Also, depending upon your type of claim, if your claim is successful, your attorney’s fees may be awarded by law.  The J.E. Baver Law Group is experienced litigating against large corporations and pursuing consumer protection cases.  If you believe that you were victimized by unfair business practices, please contact us today.

Foreclosure Defense

We provide complete representation throughout Connecticut for clients facing foreclosure. Our flexible approach offers representation from beginning to end. Whether you need advice on foreclosure avoidance options, help with the mediation process, or you need an experienced litigator to fight a wrongful foreclosure, we will fight to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by the big bank lenders.

Banks and lenders have made many mistakes such as: wrongfully foreclosing on mortgages that were not in default; failing to send required default notices to homeowners to warn of the possibility of a foreclosure; wrongfully foreclosing without being the actual owner of the mortgage note; foreclosing without knowing the true balance of the note; and, foreclosing despite existing modification agreements. Attorney Baver has litigated numerous foreclosure matters and has achieved successful results for his clients. He takes care to provide personalized attention and experienced legal counsel to guide all of his clients through the foreclosure foreclosure process.

Mortgage Modification

A homeowner who wishes to stay in their home may qualify for a mortgage modification that can act to change the terms of the mortgage and arrange for a more manageable monthly payment.

The modification works by: setting a more favorable and affordable interest rate, forgiving principal, capitalizing past-due amounts, and/or extending the payment period.

If you are considering asking for a loan modification contact us to schedule a free consultation. Many options are available that are designed to help people keep their homes. The modification procedure can be lengthy and frustrating but, the J.E. Baver Law Group has the experience to help you work with your lender to navigate through your options and find the best solution. We offer affordable flat-fee arrangements to help homeowners in the modification process.

Debt Relief

Bad home mortgages and credit cards debts contributed to serious financial issues for millions of Americans.  This was largely caused by a lack of quality consumer protection in these industries. Now it is time to dig out of the mess; but, unfortunately another industry is lacking consumer protection.  Debt restructuring companies and credit repair companies claim to offer relief; however, many are only out to make a profit, and a few are simply scams.

Many debt restructuring companies claim that credit card companies must go along with their own proposed debt restructuring proposals, but this is not true.
Often, debt restructuring companies bury the possibility of unfavorable repayment terms in the contracts’ fine print.
They also claim that the money you send them will go straight to your creditors; however, instead, they will take the money you send and pocket it as “fees”.
Often, debt restructuring companies promise to fill you in on credit card company industry “secrets”. There are no secrets that will help you reduce your debt quickly. Instances similar to these above amount to fraud; and legal claims against debt restructuring companies for these violations are well known.

The J.E. Baver Law Group can advise clients facing debt collectors hounding them for debt related to:

Student Loans
Mortgage Loans
Car Loans
Consumer Credit Cards
Medical Bills

For quality legal counsel regarding debt reduction options, contact the J.E. Baver Law Group for a free initial consultation.

Fair Debt Collection

Debt collectors that collect debts in error, give deceptive or false information, implement improper collection tactics, provide erroneous billing, make harassing phone calls, and threaten consumers are likely violating federal and state law. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was enacted by Congress in 1977 to protect consumers.  The FCDPA expressly forbids collection agencies to:

Unlawfully threaten, berate, intimidate or harass you;

Call you during odd hours;

Make false representations about the debt or their intentions; or,

otherwise act in ways that violate the Act.

Other laws, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and state consumer protection laws such as the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA), the Creditors’ Collection Practices Act (CCPA), and the Connecticut unfair insurance practices act (CUIPA) offer consumers many protections against practices still used by unscrupulous debt collectors. These laws are powerful for consumers, but unfortunately most consumers do not know of these rights.

The J.E. Baver Law Group is experienced litigating against large corporations and pursuing consumer protection cases.  If you believe that you were victimized by unfair business practices, please contact us today.

Credit Card Disputes

More and more people are being harassed by collection agencies that use unethical and illegal means when attempting to collect credit card debts. Consumers are often subjected to repeated phone calls at home and at work, threats of legal action, threats of jail time, threats of wage garnishment and worse.

However, in many cases, the company trying to collect the debt is not legally allowed to do so. Collection Agencies may also threaten litigation while claiming you will be responsible for their attorney fees when they may not be legally entitled to.

Collection Agencies frequently do not have current information regarding the debt and the payments you have made. Credit card debt collectors may not even have a contract with the company they claim to be representing. Even more troubling is that debt collectors are purchasing the “rights” to collect on old credit card debts that are not legally enforceable. They will simply try to scare you with threats against your credit rating or threats of potential litigation, pressuring you into a settlement or payment plan, knowing they cannot prove their case in a court of law.

Make sure your rights are protected by consulting with an experienced debt collection defense attorney. Contact the J.E. Baver Law Group for your free initial consultation.

Personal Injury

We take great pride in representing persons who have been harmed by others, whether as a result of misconduct or negligence. If you feel you are the victim of personal injury, please contact us for a free consultation.

Car Accidents

A car accident can be a frightening experience. First, you face the immediate shock of the accident, then you may find your vehicle was damaged and have sustained injuries of your own. As soon as you are able, you should consult with us to determine if you should retain legal representation.

Our experience can help guide you through this often challenging time. We know that you will be put under pressure to resolve your claim quickly. Insurance companies (even your own) will look to a swift resolution and entice you with a quick cash settlement. Unfortunately, back, neck, and soft tissue injuries do not resolve quickly and can degrade weeks or months after an accident. If you came to a premature settlement before the full extent of your injuries were realized you may not be compensated. Our experienced attorneys can review your medical records, look at the police reports, talk to witnesses, and evaluate all the evidence relevant to your claim. The J.E. Baver Law Group will take into consideration all your damages: medical costs, repairs to your car, lost wages, and your emotional suffering to ensure that you receive what you deserve.

Trucking Accidents

Representing clients involved in accidents with tractor-trailer or commercial trucks requires more than a standard car collision claim.  Knowledge of both federal and state regulations which govern the operation of tractor trailers by commercial operators adds new elements to the case. Defendants attempt to shift blame to other parties for brake or equipment failures are simply attempts by companies or truckers avoid liability in many cases. It is the owner and operators’ duty to properly maintain the fleet of trucks with regular maintenance and service of each vehicle. Further problems exist in locating and identifying the actual owners, lessees, and operators who are potentially at fault before filing suit. The J.E. Baver Law Group can help guide you in this process or recommend the best solution for your needs.

Medical Malpractice

In general, there are no guarantees of medical results and, in some cases, unexpected or unsuccessful results do not mean that negligence occurred. The healthcare professionals that we trust are human, and sometimes they make mistakes.  When they deviate from the standard of care it is often the patient who suffers.

Unfortunately, medical negligence is not always easy to identify. Sometimes a treatable disease may not get diagnosed because a physician is not aware of a new standard of care set by the medical profession. Or, a seemingly healthy person may not survive a routine surgery.  That person’s family may be told that the patient suffered complications from surgery or from anesthesia – however, they are likely not told that it could be as a result of a physician or an anesthesiologist’s mistake. If you suspect negligence or error in treatment, contact us immediately. We will help you determine if you have a claim.

Health Care Advocacy

The J.E. Baver Law Group understands that receiving the best medical care is no longer as easy as going to your hospital of choice.  In this day and age, many entities exist that will have competing interests in the administration of your care.  These include:

  • Your primary care physician – holding broad understanding of your general health, referring particular problems to specialists.
  • The specialist – a physician with a set of skills and a narrow area of expertise, may not competently evaluate conditions outside of specialty.
  • Insurance company – entity holding the checkbook, may make decisions as to what treatments certain policies cover; invariably has influence over choice of care determinations.
  • You – your own particular wishes and directives as to choices in your medical care.
  • Your Family & Friends – depending upon the severity of your condition you may not be able to make informed decisions, and, in times of distress, their own grief or emotion may cloud judgments and conflict with your own directives.

As a Health Care Advocate, J.E. Baver Law Group can act as liaison between you and your health care providers. We are entrusted to maintain the highest levels of patient privacy and are resolved to engage in communications and settle disputes between insurers, health care providers, and employers to achieve a mutually beneficial solution for all parties.

Employee Benefits

Many employee benefits, such as employer provided health insurance, 401(k) plans, and disability insurance policies contribute to your financial and personal security, and are protected under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). If you believe that your employer or their designated firm violated your rights, and you are not receiving the benefits that you deserve, please call us. Our attorneys are experienced with ERISA cases and look forward to your call.

E.R.I.S.A. Law

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) protects many employee benefits such as employer provided health insurance, 401(k) plans, and disability insurance policies. If you believe that your employer or their designated firm violated your rights, and you are not receiving the benefits that you deserve, please call us. Our attorneys are experienced with ERISA cases and look forward to your call.

Short-term Disability

Short-term disability policies act as insurance to protect you in the event that you become disabled and can no longer work due to the disability. Unfortunately, countless policy holders are denied disability benefits by insurers who employ bad faith practices. J.E. Baver Law Group has the experience that can help consumers file an administrative appeal and/or file a disability lawsuit for wrongly denied disability claims.

Long-term Disability

Long-term disability policies act as insurance to protect you in the event that you become disabled and can no longer work due to the disability. Unfortunately, countless policy holders are denied disability benefits by insurers who employ bad faith practices. J.E. Baver Law Group has the experience that can help consumers file an administrative appeal and/or file a disability lawsuit for wrongly denied disability claims.

Health Insurance Disputes

Disputes with health insurance companies are becoming more common. These include denials of coverage for medical services already received, refusals to authorize procedures, or consultations with specialists, or incorrect charges for office visits or services. Depending upon the terms of your policy, you may be required to submit to the internal or external review process provided for by the insurance company.  It is important to fully understand the procedures as process may vary depending upon the language in your policy.

If a review of your dispute does not succeed, you may be able to sue your health plan in court, depending on the type of policy you have and the law applicable to it. Making these determinations are challenging, and competent legal consultation is advised.  The J.E. Baver Law Group can help guide you in this process or recommend the best solution for your needs. 

Will Drafting

Preparing for the future through estate planning can save individuals and families valuable time, money and peace of mind when it comes time to a major life change. We will guide you through the entire estate planning process and develop a comprehensive plan that meets your goals. 

Probate Administration

We help families, their executors and trustees sort out the difficult parts of estate administration. Overseeing the assets of a loved one may be a challenging task to undertake at difficult time. J.E. Baver Law Group strives to ensure the smooth disposition of the probate estate and attempts to resolve any disputes with negotiation and compromise on the part of both parties before going to probate court where a final ruling will be made. 

Environmental Law

We handle environmental litigation in state and federal courts as well as before administrative agencies representing both plaintiffs and defendants. 

Landlord-Tenant Issues

The eviction process has very specific rules, and you can easily risk losing legal rights by failing to follow procedure. Contact us to ensure that you are preserving all of your remedies and rights. 

Property Law

We practice real estate law, which encompasses commercial landlord-tenant issues, real estate closings, condo development, lease agreements and other property documentation. 

Municipal Law

Laws governing real estate transactions, property ownership, zoning, land use, and the protection of historic sites are voluminous and complex. If you face a local, municipal legal issue, contact an attorney who will give your issue the personal attention that it deserves. 

Corporate Law

A corporate lawyer will ensure the legality of commercial transactions, advise corporations on their legal rights and duties, and advise corporate officers. This requires knowledge of certain aspects of contract law, tax law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws, and the laws specific to the business of the corporations. J.E. Baver Law Group is available to consult and advise businesses of all sizes in a cost effective and efficient way. 

Commercial Foreclosure Defense

Many business owners in foreclosure have options. Let us help you keep your business and property you worked hard to develop. We are proud to represent business owners in the foreclosure process. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Contract Review

Contracts represent a legally enforceable, binding agreement between two parties.  Our attorneys prepare and review contracts for issues that may affect business during the terms of the agreement. We review employment agreements, operating agreements, leases, independent contractor agreements, consulting agreements, and servicing agreements.

It is easy to overlook the fine print or to plan for unpredictable details while drafting your contract, however, this can have detrimental consequences on future business. J.E. Baver Law Group can help you draft and review contracts to ensure that you make the best decisions for your business.


Our firm assists business owners, developers and entrepreneurs with all legal aspects of their operations for family owned/small businesses.  J.E. Baver Law Group represents clients in complex contract disputes, business torts, commercial foreclosure cases, zoning issues, and business fraud litigation, technology disputes, intellectual property litigation, trademark disputes, employee contract issues, and non-competition agreements. 

Securities Litigation

In order to fully understand the complete residential mortgage foreclosure case, it is necessary to attain knowledge of what caused the crisis.  The cause of the foreclosure crisis is rooted in the securitization of sub-prime mortgages.  An oversimplified explanation is that financial investors bundled thousands of residential mortgages together and created large investment vehicles with them called mortgage backed securities (MBS). The floodgates opened when the financial investors began to realize that these MBSs could bring significant returns. Demand grew for more MBS investments resulting in an increased demand for mortgages to fill these investments. This caused the residential real estate market to boom. This demand was so great that it caused traditional lending practices for many mortgages to be thrown out the window. Nobody was reviewing many mortgages or concerned about their risk. Homes were appraised at unrealistic values due to this new artificially created demand in housing market. The risk of default greatly increased and eventually, the bubble burst leaving homeowners scrambling to save their homes from the toxic loans many signed.

To defend against these foreclosures, J.E. Baver Law Group has extensively researched the securitization structures that owned these mortgages. This knowledge gives the J.E. Baver Law Group the tools to understand complexities involved in claims involving securities and the securitization process.