Banks and lenders have made many mistakes such as: wrongfully foreclosing on mortgages that were not in default; failing to send required default notices to homeowners to warn of the possibility of a foreclosure; wrongfully foreclosing without being the actual owner of the mortgage note; foreclosing without knowing the true balance of the note; and, foreclosing despite existing modification agreements. 


Many people have been pushed around by large lending institutions that believe that they do not have to answer to anyone; however, they must be held accountable to the law, and especially before they attempt to take what is our most valuable asset, our homes. The recent housing crisis’s effects already affected Wall Street; however, now its effects are being felt on our streets. As the housing market collapsed, homes were significantly overvalued, credit dried up, and many people were trapped by their homes. This led to an unprecedented number of defaults and eventual foreclosures that flooded the country and our state.


Unfortunately, because such a high volume of defaults occurred many banks and lenders were unequipped to handle the aftermath and mistakes were rampant. The banks created brilliantly complicated investment schemes to make money from the booming real estate market; however, never anticipated what would happen when the bubble burst. When the defaults began piling up, the banks and lenders had to cut corners.  J.E. Baver Law Group’s experienced attorneys have in depth experience navigating through the complexities that make up the financial and chain-of-custody issues that touch nearly every residential mortgage transaction.  We will protect your rights and ensure that your interests are fully protected.